McGlashan Media was founded more than two decades ago and has grown to become a driving force in the fishing and outdoor market. A mad keen waterman & outdoorsman, Al went against the tide and declared he’d turn his passion his work so that he never felt like he’d work a day in his life. While his approach may have been unorthodox but there is no denying its success.

“You’ll never work a day in your life if you love what you do”

Starting out as a self-taught photojournalist for the magazine trade, Al built McGlashan Media into a multi-platform business that is all about storytelling and being fishermen there are certainly some tall tales being told! Storytelling came naturally when infused with such passion. McGlashan Media has evolved into a multi-faceted business working with brands for a natural integration that people can connect with delivered across all platforms for maximum effect.

We Tell Stories

Content is king, but the key is to create authentic, exciting and engaging stories with humility that people can relate to, not just locally but to a global audience. The watermen aspect of McGlashan Media specializes in marine life, covering all angles underwater, drone, 4k and slow motion for the most stunning footage. Whether you want to set a specific shoot chasing huge yellowfin tuna underwater or a high flying marlin in slow motion, McGlashan Media will capture it.

Not only can McGlashan Media capture amazing content but we stylise it to personify your brand in a subtle authentic way drawing from extensive library of images and footage.

We Make Films

Developing factual shows programs was a natural progression for Al in his never ending quest to capture the true beauty of the natural world. It all started with the ground breaking Strikezone DVD series then it was StrikezoneTV, Big Fish Small Boats, and through to 9 series of Fish’n With Mates which aired around the world on Netflix, Channel 9, SKY NZ, 7 Mate, World Fishing Network and the Sportsman’s Channel.

Documentaries are fast becoming our passion with Game Fishing Australia and Destination Samoa before the big one Life on the Line – the amazing story of the Southern Bluefin Tuna which premiered on IMAX. It’s more than just engaging and entertaining audiences, we inspire change for the better through a balanced understanding and by engaging audiences through stunning footage to capture their imagination. Drawing them into the story and willing them want to be a part of a community that values the beauty and magnificence of the world around us.

We know Social Media

Social Media is a confusing ocean for many companies leaving some feeling like they are simply treading water after their ship has sailed. Having been there from the beginning we can help give your brand the unique look it deserves to build a presence online so your audience can feel a connection. Whilst McGlashan Media is equipped to produce the right imagery we can also guide and manage your social down the right path to engage your audience right.

We offer the complete package: stills, footage, underwater and drone to give your brand the best look and with decades of journalism behind us, we can create an inspiring story that you will want to be a part of.

So lets talk!

Who we’ve worked with

Fish Unlimited