The Pelagic Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation founded by Al McGlashan in an effort to bring awareness to the pelagic realm. Our oceans are changing, but we can’t protect them if we don’t understand them. TPF is all about bringing the knowledge of fishermen and scientist together to help unlock the secrets of the ocean’s greatest predators from billfish to tuna by harnessing high tech tagging. Not only will we open the door on their once secret lives but we will also share the discoveries so that everyone can appreciate and ultimate protect this little-known world.

After making a living on the ocean the McGlashan Media crew are proud to be a part of the change The Pelagic Foundation is inspiring for future generations


Adopt a Pelagic

Be a part of the solution and sponsor electronic tags as part of research projects for marlin, tuna and sharks. You can even name the tag and ultimately see where your fish ends up traveling after the tag pops up. It’s an exciting and engaging way to get involved and be a part of ground breaking research for some of the biggest fish in the ocean.

Fishing for science

Facilitate citizen science on the water by getting passionate fishermen and like-minded scientists together. Utilising the vast knowledge of fishermen, who are actually on the water, to assist with research programs to ensure the best unbiased results. 

Pelagic Project

To encourage and engage the next generation of fishers and watermen to share their on-water experiences through film making and photography. Ocean film and photography festivals are the best way to showcase what happens on the water and will inspire everyone to be a part of making positive change for our oceans so stay tuned.

Tackling Plastic

We are seeing dramatic increase in plastic in our oceans which plays havoc on the pelagic environment. However, to combat it we need to attack it at the source and that means dealing with run off from an ever-increasing population. However, we want to go one step further, partnering with the fishing industry to lead the way with innovation to minimise waste and reduce packaging for the better of our oceans.