…and living the dream!

“My dad taught me how to enjoy but not destroy our oceans and backcountry, and to always leave it better than I found it It’s a lesson I now encompass into every facet of my life especially my work “

McGlashan Media is passionate about storytelling, unscripted raw and real content. From humbling beginnings as a photojournalists we now produce stunning and compelling content for all platforms from IMAX theatres to broadcasters around the world and of course online.

We aren’t the biggest fish in the pond but we certainly make a splash!

Underwater shot of sunfish and diver
Underwater with a stingray
Billfish breaching while feeding
Bluefin - Life on the Line
Al McGlashan's Fish'n with Mates
Al McGlashan's Fish'n with Mates - Mighty Moe - Season 1 Episode 1
Al McGlashan's Fish'n with Mates - Ascension Jurassic Tuna - Season 2 Episode 1
7 Mate
10 Bold
Nine Network
Sportsman Channel
World Fishing Network