Artificial reefs are for or against?
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Brad ChapmanWell we keep losing our natural reef fishing grounds to extreme green no fishing zones so I think for every lockout area then there should be a new artificial reef created for fishing only, no diving or anything only fishing. Or at least rotate the green zones so the area that has had time to regenerate can now be fished while another area that was open to fishing is now closed as so it can regenerate

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Shanna McmahonThey put a bit of reef in the coota lake to help the ribbon weeds come back, they done that an now the prawns are returning getting bigger eack season!

2 hours ago

Steven McDonaldWhy not...they put cages in off bribie island and they seem to fish very well for a number of species

2 hours ago

Blair BowdenYES, need some on the Far South Coast of NSW !!!

2 hours ago

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