Hate to be that mullet!! Teasing immature great white sharks on a NSW beach. Amazing creatures to get up close and personal with! #whiteshark #fishnwithmates #clubmarine #clubmarine #nature #documentary #shark #understand #upclose #almcglashan📷

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John ScottThis is the exact reason why we teach the younger generation " not to tease animals " - unfortunately this young great white is learning bad habits. Change this scenario to a family in a little dinghy fishing for a feed and you have a totally different outcome. You are really leaving yourself open to criticism Al.

2 hours ago

Mick CummingsTeaching them to not be afraid of boats/humans and that we are associated with food?

2 hours ago

Steve SladeThat from when you were up there a few years ago or recent ? They back ?

4 hours ago

Darren HoefsmitGreat photo

3 hours ago   ·  1

Peter PerrasNo underwater photos AL lol

4 hours ago   ·  1

Cass GadsdenSean Canderle

1 hour ago   ·  1

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