“Our sponsors are vital to everything we do to bring you my fishing adventures, TV series and Photographs.

From fishing gear and outboards to sunnies and insurance…

Without their contribution, none of this would be possible, so please support them whenever you get the chance”.

compleat angler logo

Compleat Angler began about 50 years ago, when a group of fishermen got together to establish a business where their collective buying power would afford them buying advantages. Fishing is easy at a Compleat Angler store… Compleat Angler stores are friendly, owned by people who know how to fish and who love fishing.

Their main aim is to help you catch fish, to have fun – and enjoy angling wherever you go! Compleat Angler proudly provide Al with a wide range of fishing products from our stores and sponsor a series of How To videos with Al McGlashan.


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Club Marine is Australia’s largest provider of boat and pleasure craft insurance – designed By boating people, For boating people. With policy options to suit any need, No Claims bonus up to 25% and up to 5% discount when you buy or renew online. Club Marine also provide Emergency and personal assistance service and there’s a great Club Marine App which provides severe weather information and alerts, tides and an easy way to manage and renew your insurance and claims.

Boating’s just better with Club Marine

Shimano offers the most innovative fishing reels, rods and accessories in Australia and throughout the world. With the leading engineering technologies since 1921, Shimano produces the highest quality fishing products on the market. With a product range including the most advanced reels, rods, accessories, apparel, lures and more.

For fisherman in Australia looking to gain the leading edge in professional and recreational fishing, Shimano is the go to manufacturer for the best fishing equipment in the world.

The Mitsubishi history dates back to 1870 when our founder Yataro Iwasaki started a shipping company with 3 steamships. The 3 diamond trademark embodies over 130 year of tradition, dedicated to our four core principles – of technology, safety, design and value.

Mitsubishi proudly supply Al McGlashan and his team with their flagship 4WD SUV – the Pajero, perfectly suited for their requirements – a combination of towing capacity, launching into water, ample storage and long-distance travel between fishing adventures. 

Mercury Marine® has been making world-class outboards and sterndrives for more than 75 years. We started back in 1939 and have grown into the largest builder of marine propulsion systems in the world. Number one on the water. And we didn’t get there by sitting still.

Ours is a long history of constant improvements for reliable, trouble-free performance; superior power and torque with low emissions and fuel consumption. Nobody has given boaters more more ways to propel their craft, whatever the boat.

Halco is from Fremantle, Western Australia. 

They are Australia’s largest and most successful lure manufacturers, winning many awards for their lures all over the World and were recently placed 3rd in the International Game Fishing Assoc World Record Lure Company. 

They have won ‘Best Hard Lure’ at AFTA Best of Show Awards no less than five times.

Costa del mar produce the clearest polarised sunglasses on the Planet – built at Daytona Beach in Florida for Adventures on and off the water.

Their Angler range is perfect for fishing and protecting your eyes from the harsh Australian sun and the bright reflections from the water.

The polarisation allows you to see the fish underwater well before any other sunnies. 


Founded in 1988, San Disk is the 3rd largest manufacturer of flash memory products – SD cards, USB drives and solid state drives – in the World. 

The company is now owned by Western Digital, one of the world’s largest Hard Drive manufacturers.

Al McGlashan uses San Disks for capturing & storing the digital images, data and sound he uses for his TV shows and photography.

Evolution Boats are the best fibreglass offshore fishing boats in Australia.

With a DeepV/Wide-reverse chine hull design resulting in an extremely smooth ride and rock solid stability at anchor, Evolution are fantastic boats. There are absolutely no short-cuts during any stage of Evolution’s construction process. All fibreglass is hand-laid for ultimate hull strength, all hulls are sub-floor filled with high-density foam and only the highest quality fittings and accessories are used throughout.


Since 1948, when the world’s first fish finder was commercialized, FURUNO has been responding to the needs of the maritime industry through developing various types of navigation and communications equipment.

Furuno strives for Safety and Peace of mind by revealing things that people can not usually see, such as underwater conditions, schools of fish and tectonic deformation. The company also produces medical equipment to revel people’s physical conditions.

Aquatec Imaging Solutions have been designing and manufacturing waterproof camera housings for Photographers and Cinematographers of Surfing and Ocean sports since 1998. Today their sports housings are used in a wide variety of different genres of photography – including fishing, sailing, documentary, advertising and sports photography generally. Aquatec brings value to any land-based photography where the climate can get wet.. and cold!

This family owned business started in 1796 when the French Villiard family appointed Jean-Baptiste Migeon as Manager of it’s steel forge. In 1835 the Viellard Migeon Company became VMC and started making fishing hooks at their ironworks in Grandvillars, France.

Now part of the Rapala-VMC Corporation, they are one of the rare ‘living heritage companies’ in France and continue to be the global leader in treble hook production

Sufix invests strongly in research and development, which has made Sufix one of the leading fishing line brands in the world. The Sufix mono and braided fishing lines include products developed for all applications: blue water, inshore, fresh water lakes, small streams, big rivers and white water.

With accurate published line breaking strains and diameters, uniform line quality, good knot strength, superior level of abrasion resistance and are comfortable and easy-to-use.

Founded by brother Roy & Ryan Seiders in 2006, Yeti Coolers were designed for the serious outdoor enthusiast rather than mass-discount retailers. A cooler that could take the abuse we knew we’d put it through out in the field and on the water – that simply wouldn’t break. Their innovations would come from necessity and firsthand experience — and not sacrifice quality for a few extra bucks. “Because having your cooler’s lid cave in when using it as a casting platform should never be part of anyone’s fishing trip”.