As well as shooting photos and video for his own TV series and print work,

Al McGlashan is also Australia’s biggest exporter of fishing images.

His photographs have graced the covers of many major international magazines including

Marlin Magazine (USA), Saltwater Sportsman (USA), New Zealand Fishing World, Voyager de Peche (France) and Ski Boat (South Africa). Check out these galleries of some his best photographs


Some amazing images of fish in their own habitat as we get a glimpse into Al’s collection of some superb underwater photography.


Some great shots of some amazing fish and some great fishing! View this collection of the best shots of Al and his Mates out fishing – and some of the fish they caught!


Al’s photography also feaures some beautiful images of nature at it’s finest – even where there’s no water!

Mountains, vistas – and views of some stunning scenery.