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Just watching River Monsters on the @abctv because Aussie fishing productions simply arent good enough! #unaustralian #disgrace #disappointed #taxpayersdollars #whatawaste #unimpressed

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David BakkerLooks like you might need more grey hair and be a pommie to get on to the ABC

56 minutes ago   ·  1

Colin HargraveThere's a Few of you bloke bagging Al but ya seem to be following his page lol Keep up the good work Al

1 hour ago   ·  3

1 Reply

Josh BakerThat river monsters show is crap!

1 hour ago   ·  1

Craig FisherMaybe you need to stop pointing the finger and start thinking about the other end of that equation.

2 hours ago   ·  3

Brian KwanThis guy thinks everything is a man eating monster it's hilarious

2 hours ago   ·  3

Michio FichioWtf Why don't we have decent fishing shows on tv, sick of et and Paul

2 hours ago   ·  1

1 Reply

John FordAt least there is no ads

1 hour ago

Ben MorrisonIt was an old as repeat. They paid tribute to malcom Douglas who sadly passed away in 2010

56 minutes ago

Ross MadinI'm pissed right of I carnt get fishing with mates here drives me bat shit mad

1 hour ago

Alan BrownThe clown has had a silver spoon lure up his butt all his life show.

44 minutes ago

Dane Gosson

Attachment1 hour ago   ·  1

Shane Ocean-BoatsShitest fishing show on TV!

1 hour ago

Jamie LewisMake your own! I'd watch it.

1 hour ago

Daniel ZagarYeah its poor form! #supportalocal

2 hours ago

Jeff O'ConnorRepeats of repeats

1 hour ago

Robert CliffePut on a fishing DVD

2 hours ago

Robert CliffeCH 92

2 hours ago

Peter EdgeWtf

2 hours ago

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Channel 9 ‘A Current Affair’ story about Al’s famous encounter with a Mako Shark, when he was in the water filming a Striped Marlin they had caught and tagged for release.

The shark had other ideas.


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