Season 1


Episode 1

Gulf of Mexico

Fishing the Gulf of Mexico | Al challenges superwoman Captain Moe Newman to a fishing comp | Some fine dining skills.

Episode 2

Ascension Island

Ascension Island | Most isolated fishing spot on the planet | World’s largest yellowfin tuna.

Episode 3

Florida Coast

Fishing off Florida’s ‘Space Coast’ with NASA Astronaut Jon McBride | Florida’s wet `n wild weather.

Episode 4


Florida’s Everglades is an exotic marine paradise | Al has always dreamed of catching the elusive jumping Tarpon.

Episode 5

Jurassic Yellowfin

Tag & releasing some ‘Jurassic’ yellowfin tuna in the Ascension Islands fishery | Swim with some bull sharks who come for a feed.

Episode 6

Lake Taho Bass

Catching Bass on Lake Taho, Florida | Visit iCast – the World’s largest fishing show | Meet fishing legend Bill Dance

Episode 7

Top End Barramundi

Fishing the top end | Big Barramundi | Cricketing legend Matthew Hayden