Season 1


Episode 1

Gulf of Mexico’s Mighty Moe

After the Gulf of Mexico was wiped out by the worst environmental disaster in US history, Al McGlashan travels to the deep south to explore fishing off Louisiana. Al is out of his depth when he challenges USA’s favourite fisherwoman Moe Newman.

Episode 2

Ascension Island’s Jurassic Tuna

Al travels to one of the most isolated spots on earth Ascension Island, on a quest to chase the world’s largest Yellowfin Tuna. Al touches down in an Air Force jumbo with 3 mates and soon discovers why the fishing is out of this world.

Episode 3

Florida’s Space Coast

Al McGlashan fishes with former NASA astronaut Jon McBride, fishing off Florida’s space coast. However, their mission is compromised when they encounter Florida’s wet’n’wild weather. Al then heads south for some hot Snook fishing.

Episode 4

The Everglades

Al McGlashan gets lost in the stunning maze of mangrove islands known as the Everglades. Teaming up with Captain Steve Trejera, they explore this exotic marine paradise where Steve tries his best to teach this Aussie a few local tricks.

Episode 5

Ascension Tag & Release

Encountering some of the world’s biggest Yellowfin in the Atlantic’s Jurassic Park, Al teams up with the local scientists on a mission to tag and release as many tuna as possible – but ends up swimming with some sea monsters.

Episode 6

Lake Taho Bass

Having heard about the American Bass fishing circuit, Al takes on fellow Aussie and Bass pro Carl Jocumsen to see what it takes to fish Bass competitively on Florida’s famous Lake Toho. Let’s just say the results are revealing!

Episode 7

Top End with Hayden

Al teams up with cricket legend Matthew Hayden for a fishing challenge like no other, flying into remote creeks in Australia’s Northern Territory – avoiding crocodiles and wild buffalo to chase the infamous barra!