Series 4

Episode 1

The rematch Haydos v Pumba Tiwi Style

Al kicks off series four heading to the remote Tiwi Islands in the Northern Territory to take on Aussie cricket legend Matthew Hayden. Al may have no idea about cricket but when it comes to sledging fishing style these two take things to a new level. Searching remote mangrove estuaries to the offshore reefs in search of the biggest fish the stakes are high with no chance to chicken out unless they lose!

Episode 2

Rocky Cowboy Fishing Adventures

Rockhampton in Central Queensland may have awesome fishing opportunities with the new net free zones, but as Al quickly discovers it’s just as famous for being the beef capital of Australia. So, what better way to get Al to fit in with the locals than to ride a bull at the rodeo. Things don’t quite go to plan and suddenly just catching a fish becomes a real mission for one wounded cowboy!

Episode 3

Great Northern Fishing Adventure

Cairns is the adventure capital of the north and as Al quickly discovers is home to some great fishing opportunities. Taking on local legend Jack Strickland the challenge is set from the offshore reefs chasing big GTs before hiking into a wild country stream chasing the infamous jungle perch. With amazing scenery, big fish and a few dangerous encounters thrown in, it’s an adventure like no other.

Episode 4

PNG Aramia River Pt 1

Three plane rides bring Al and the team to one of the most remote parts of Papua New Guinea where no white has been before and it’s all for one thing – the infamous PNG Black Bass. Reputed as being the hardest fighting freshwater fish on earth, Al takes up the challenge in one of the wildest places on earth.

Episode 5

PNG Aramia River Pt 2

Australia versus PNG round two. Last time it was PNG who took the title, with guru fishing guide Moli smashing Al. This time however, Al is all about winning and is determined to win at all costs, but when he claims a catfish the local decides it’s time for the war canoes!

Episode 6

Tiwi Islands 

Al heads back to the remote Tiwi Islands with Michael Kasprowicz to check out the new local guiding program while learning the skilful art of sledging. The seas are calm and the fish are on fire making for some explosive action with triple hook ups causing bedlam on board.

Episode 7

Flat Out in Mckay

Al takes on the fairer kind in the battle of the sexes and while he definitely lost on looks, his fishing skills certainly excelled. At least that’s what he reckons as they explore the islands and flats that make up the new net free zone around Mackay.